We believe gardens are points of connection, grounding, and continuity. We seek to create landscapes that offer a rich and multi-layered experience - places with an emotional depth that comes from their ability to evoke archetypal natural landscapes. Our role is to carve out elegant, contemplative spaces--a place for people--set among romantic, richly layered planting. The naturalistic use of plants is fundamental to the studio’s work, and our experience and understanding of ecology and the beauty of biodiversity results in plantings which are evocative of the wild. The end result are places that amplify living, producing inspiring environments that encourage self-reflection and restoration.


Putting the "green" in green infrastructure

Too often, plants are an afterthought in green infrastructure projects. We bring unparalleled experience and innovative thinking by applying the technologies of plant systems to green infrastructure. We combine ecological strategies for covering the ground, balancing species diversity, and managing competition with the craft of horticulture, resulting in projects that are functional, beautiful, and buzzing with butterflies and pollinators. Our thinking makes our projects different.