Public Gardens

We have extensive experience working with public gardens. Our specialty is stylized, naturalistic plantings for meadows, green infrastructure, or herbaceous borders. 

The meadow at the NYBG Native Plant Garden. Thomas Rainer was project manager of this project from proposal through construction documentation during his time at Oehme, van Sweden & Associates. Design by OvS. Image by Ivo Vermulean.

Biofiltering water feature was the central element of the garden. Design by OvS. Image by Ivo Vermulean.

The wet edge of the meadow is dominated by Hibiscus, Eutrochium, Veronicastrum, and Palm Sedge. Photo by Ivo Vermulean courtesy of NYBG.

This newly established entry meadow at Adkins Arboretum is just a few weeks old in this photo. We use strategies such as dense spacing with landscape plugs, vertically layered designs, and timing to achieve quick establishment. This helps the plantings to cover bare soil quickly, minimizing weeds and other disturbance.


Thomas Rainer served as lead designer and project manager for Rhodeside & Harwell for the design of the three blocks of median that have transformed Connecticut Avenue south of Dupont Circle. Bold plantings, annual rotations, and LED lighting create a year-round spectacle that enlivens the streetscape. Design by Rhodeside & Harwell for the Golden Triangle BID. 

Connecticut Avenue NW before the median was installed.

LED lighting designed by the Golden Triangle BID changes color throughout the night, enlivening the median at night.

The median in winter.

Baltimore Orioles park is filled with a biodiverse, native plantings in a highly visible urban area.

Deschampsia, Heuchera, Mondarda, and sedgess create a biodiverse planting.